Realisations in Public Space
The Public Bench, Coventry 2004

Jochen Gerz is an artist whose public commissions deal with issues of memory, visibility and collaboration with the public. Since the 1980s, he has created his “anti-monuments” in Germany, France, Italy, England, Austria and Ireland, subverting the idea of commemoration, and involving the public and media in the process of creating and defining artwork. (in: Stephen Wright, “Toward Public Authorship” A conversation with Jochen Gerz, in : Third Text, Vol.18, Issue 6, 2004, p. 649-656. )

Platz des europäischen Versprechens
Square of the European Promise

Bochum, Germany 2004 - 2016
Here in Paradise
Sneem, Co. Kerry, Ireland 2014
The Gift
Le Cadeau
Das Geschenk

Le Fresnoy, France 2000; Dortmund, Germany 2000
San Francisco CA, USA 2008-2009
Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, Lansing MI, USA
Noi e loro
(A link, a gap, a loss, a clue, a metaphor, a memory)
Ostia, Italy 2011
2-3 Straßen. Eine Ausstellung in Städten des Ruhrgebiets
2-3 Streets. An Exhibition in Cities of the Ruhr District

Dortmund, Duisburg, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany 2010
63 Jahre danach
63 Years After

Graz. Austria 2010
Ich Sigfried Uiberreither Landeshauptmann
I Sigfried Uiberreither Provincial Governor

Graz, Austria 2008
Salviamo la Luna
Save the moon

Cinisello Balsamo (Milano), Italy 2005-2007
Tausch der Tabus
Exchange of Taboos

Duisburg, Germany 2006
Platz der Grundrechte
Fundamental Rights Square

Karlsruhe, Germany 2005
Die Zeit der DDR
The GDR Era

Berlin, Germany 2005
Die Zeitungsleser und der Philosoph
The Newspaper Readers and the Philosopher

Passau, Germany 2004
The Future Monument
Coventry, UK 2004
The Public Bench
Coventry, UK 2004
wherefrom whereto

Lake Constance, Germany/Austria/Switzerland, 2002 - 2004
Bodensee, Deutschland/Österreich/Schweiz 2002 - 2004
Der Wettbewerb
The Competition

Bad Berleburg/Schmallenberg, Germany 2002 - 2004
Your Chair
Siena, Venezia, Italy ; Heidelberg, Germany ; Klagenfurt, Austria ; Scottsdale, Arizona ; New York City, NY ; Evanston, Illinois ; Hamilton, Ontario ; Belgrade, Serbie 2001 - 2004
Le Vote de Barbirey
The Vote of Barbirey

Barbirey-sur-Ouche, France 1999 - 2004
Anthologie der Kunst
Anthology of Art

World Wide Web, 2001/2002
Les Mots de Paris
The Words of Paris

Paris, France 2000
Das Geld, die Liebe, der Tod,
die Freiheit - was zählt am Ende?
Money, Love, Death, Freedom - what
counts in the end?

Berlin, Germany 2000
My Word
Bolzano, Italy, 1999 ; Kiel, Germany, 2000 ; Windsor, Canada, 2000 ; Tondern, Denmark, 2000
Künstlers Traum - Goethe in Buchenwald
Artist’s Dream - Goethe in Buchenwald

Weimar, Germany 1999
Die Berliner Ermittlung, nach einem Oratorium von Peter Weiss
The Berlin Investigation, on an Oratium by Peter Weiss

Berlin, Germany 1998
Jochen Gerz and Esther Shalev-Gerz
The Berkeley Oracle, Questions unanswered
World Wide Web, 1998
Les Témoins de Cahors
The Witnesses of Cahors

Cahors, France 1998
"La Dispersion des Semences - La Collecte des Cendres"
“The Dispersal of Seeds – the Collection of Ashes"
“Die Verteilung der Saat – die Kollekte der Asche"

Geneva, Switzerland 1995; Marl, Germany 1997
Jochen Gerz and Esther Shalev-Gerz
Reasons for Smiles
Raisons de Sourire
Gründe zu Lächeln

Paris, France 1996/98; Vancouver, Canada 1997; Arles, France 1997; Göttingen, Germany 1997; Tallahassee FL, USA 1997
Jochen Gerz and Esther Shalev-Gerz
Das zwanzigste Jahrhundert
The Twentieth Century

Oberhausen, Germany 1996
Jochen Gerz and Esther Shalev-Gerz
Le Monument Vivant de Biron
The Living Monument of Biron

Biron, Dordogne, France 1996
Die Heimkehr der Erinnerung (Fragen fur Walter Benjamin)
The Return of Memory (Questions for Walter Benjamin)

Frankfurt, Germany 1996
The Plural Sculpture
New York, USA 1995
World Wide Web
Die Bremer Befragung
The Bremen Questionnaire – Sine Somno Nihil

Bremen, Germany 1995
Le Monument à la paix
The Peace Monument

Geneva, Swizerland, 1995
2146 Steine - Mahnmal gegen Rassismus
2146 Stones - Monument against Racism

Saarbrücken, Germany 1993
Hierophanie # 1
Hierophany # 1

Hamburg, Germany 1993
The Garden Project Donation
State University of California, Davis, USA 1992
Pictures at an Exhibition
Hamburg 1989, Duisburg 2006, Germany
Das Pult
The Stand

Hannover, Germany, 1991
Mahnmal gegen Faschismus
Monument against Fascism

Hamburg-Harburg, Germany 1986
Jochen Gerz and Esther Shalev-Gerz
5 Billboards for Banff
Banff, Canada 1984
Il n’y a pas de mystère
There is no mystery
Es ist kein Geheimnis

Chambery, France; Tel-Hai, Israel; Kassel, Germany; Figeac, Villeneuve d’Ascq, Paris, France 1982 - 1996
Crier jusqu’à l’épuisement
To Cry until Exhaustion,
Rufen bis zur Erschöpfung

Le Blanc-Mesnil, France 1972; Saarbrücken, Germany 1973
Ausstellung von Jochen Gerz neben seiner fotografischen Reproduktion
Exhibition of Jochen Gerz next to his photographic reproduction

Basel, Switzerland 1972, Paris, France 1973
Exposition de 8 personnes habitant la rue Mouffetard, à travers leurs noms, sur le murs de leur rue même.
Exhibition of 8 people living on rue Mouffetard, having their names written on the wall of their own street.

Paris, France, 1972
Atmosphärische Drucke
Atmospherical Prints

Beindersheim, Germany ; London, UK ; Buenos Aires, Argentina ; Liege, Belgium ; Wien, Austria ; Paris, France ; Santiago de Chile, Chile ; Medellin, Colombia ; Calgary, Canada ; Cavaillon, France ; Barcelona, Spain 1971 - 1974
Befragung über die Kunst
Art Questionnaire

Basel, Switzerland 1969
Y-a-t-il la vie sur terre?
Is there life on earth?

Paris, France 1969-1970
Das Buch der Gesten
The Book of Gestures

Heidelberg, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Basel, Switzerland,
1969 - 1973
Alternatives to Memory
Basel, Switzerland 1969, Norwich, UK 2008
Le nouvel annuaire de Paris
The new phone book of Paris

Paris, France 1968/1971
Attentione l’arte corrompe
Caution Art Corrupts

Firenze, Fiumalbo, Anfo, Grottaglie, Taranto, Italy; Basel, Switzerland; Swansea, London, UK 1968 - 1976