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Jochen Gerz
Catalogue raisonné, Volumes I - IV
(in German and English)
Edited by Museum Wiesbaden, Renate Petzinger and Volker Rattemeyer / Verlag für Moderne Kunst Nuremberg, 1999-2011

"While studying in Cologne, London and Basel, Jochen Gerz was mainly interested in poetry. As early as 1959 he translated Ezra Pound and Richard Aldington into German; gradually his own texts became more and more visual, until by 1966, the year he settled in Paris, he joined the visual poetry movement.
In 1968 he co-founded the experimental editorial group Agentzia. From the end of the sixties on he would explore several artistic paths at the same time, questioning and critiquing not only commercial media but also the media he used and created. Also, from then on, he pursued the idea to engage the spectator in the creative process. Since 1969, his photo/text works (until 1987 in black and white) have played off the tension between image and text. At the same time his performances, installations and video works questioned, in the tradition of the radical movements of early modernism (constructivism, dada, futurism), art’s social function, and beyond that the role of western culture in the light of the genocides of the 20th century, and above all – involving his own German identity – the Holocaust.
In 1976, Gerz represented Germany in the Venice Biennale and, in 1977 and 1987, participated in Documenta 6 and 7 in Kassel. In the 1980s, the artist was commissioned to create several monuments in which he would subvert the idea of commemoration, turning spectators into authors. By allowing the public to experience authorship and to participate in the creative process, his work has radically transformed the relationship between art and viewer.”

Volume 1: Performances (1968-1985), Installations (1968-1998), Works in public space 1 (1968-1999)
128 pages, black and white photos, 1999, ISBN 3-93-3096-19-7 PRICE: EUR 15 (excluding shipping).

Volume 2: Photo/texts (1969-1984), mixed media photographs (1980-1999) 396 pages, black and white photos, 2000, ISBN 3-933096-20-0
PRICE: EUR 25 (excluding shipping).

Volume 3: Visual Poetry (1967-1972), French Wall (1968-1975), Single Works (1969 -1999), Fuji Yama Series (1979), Manuscripts (1976-1981), Video Works (1969-2005) and Editions (1963-2008)
272 pages, colour photos, 2011, ISBN 978-3-86984-142-7 PRICE: EUR 45 (excluding shipping).

Volume 4: Works in public space 2 (public authorship 1999-2011), biography and bibliography, alphabetical list of all titles (900 entries) 176 pages, colour photos, 2011, ISBN 978-3-86984-143-4 PRICE: EUR 25 (excluding shipping).

The new volumes 3 and 4, together with the already published Volumes 1 and 2, PRICE: EUR 85.00 (excluding shipping).

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